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Our website allows you to explore our blog and purchase wines from our extensive inventory. We have built our business on relationships so please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or specific needs for your collection.

Graileys is a truly unique concept with locations in South San Francisco and Dallas. We operate our web based business from our California location, procuring and offering exceptional selections from all over the world. Our flagship Dallas location is based on a Country Club for wine lovers concept which affords our expert sommeliers and brokers the opportunity to taste the world's finest wines daily. We have created an environment in which wine collectors, the best of the trade and savvy wine drinkers taste and share experiences with fine wines every day.

At Graileys, we regularly taste new vintage wines from visiting winemakers, winery owners and the best importers. We also frequently travel to all corners of the wine world to taste with winery principals, getting to know them, their philosophies and the nuance of their vintages.

We host educational wine tastings weekly for our clients exploring regions, producers, specific vineyards and the like. We discuss all things wine related with our clients as well. This includes drinking windows for wines from every region, proper aeration of young and old wines, and cellar accumulation strategies. We taste and explore vintage wines to understand where they are their evolution.

Our resident sommeliers have spent countless hours studying and tasting to achieve their goals, while being totally committed to their passion for fine wine and attentive customer service. When you buy wine from Graileys you are not only buying the product, you are gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge. We are confident in our selections because we have tasted them. We blog regularly about what we taste and look forward to helping you enhance your collections and drinking experiences. 

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