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Shipping & returns

Graileys Shipping Policies

All customers are responsible for all shipping charges, duties and carrier fees for all order placed and shipped to customers desired location weather in the US or any countries they choose. All rates are estimates and will only be finalized when the order is placed. Graileys ships via FedEx with Adult Signature Required, which means there must be someone 21 years of age to accept and sign for the package. If the package is returned to sender additional fees may apply. If you shipment requires multiple pieces then fees will be applied accordingly.

If the request is made to ship the wine in adverse weather conditions then Graileys is not responsible for the condition of the wine in which it is delivered..

Return Policy

Graileys stands behind the wine it sells. However wine is a natural good and, as such, it is normal to experience variability from bottle to bottle of the same wine even when bottles come from the same case.

Graileys will investigate any returns. In some instances, as part of our investigation, we will ask for you to return the questionable bottle(s) whether opened or unopened. We will also require that you prove that the wine in question was purchased from Graileys within 90 days of the request to return. Normally this is done via providing us with a copy of your receipt. Graileys has sole discretion in determining if it is responsible for the questionable bottle(s). Should we decide to accept the return then we will either exchange the bottle(s) or issue a credit towards future purchases from us. Please see below for some instances of valid or invalid returns. Note these are just examples, are not exhaustive, and even if an attempted return comports with one of these examples Graileys retains the sole right to determine if a return will be accepted. Note that all wine shipped overseas or over ten years old are sold “as is” and not subject to return for any reason.

Valid Examples

1. Corked wine. Other flaws such as excessive brettanomyces or volatile acidity are winemaking flaws that Graileys cannot warrant.

2. You received the wrong wine such as an incorrect vintage.

3. Damaged wine such as leaking bottles or pushed corks.

Invalid Examples

1. You don’t like the wine.

2. You received wine from Graileys as a gift and want to exchange it.

3. The wine shows damage after leaving Graileys’ possession such as heat damage from improper storage.

4. You decide you don’t want the wine after you have purchased it but before you have picked the wine up from us or had the wine shipped to you.



Wine is very delicate and we pay close attention to the weather conditions to ensure that your wine gets to you in the same condition if left our facilities. Graileys policy is for our clients and to protect the integrity of the wine. We will advise accordingly on all shipments and only if the buyer chooses to override the the Graileys policy will they then take full responsibility for that shipment through whatever weather condition may occur. (ie extreme heat or cold, or slower service than is recommended by Graileys.) By overriding this policy Graileys will not replace wine or refund order that is damaged during such a shipment.


Graileys ships wine to most countries using various specialized carriers and a copy of the purchase invoice is required to be provided to carriers for use in determining foreign taxes and duties. Graileys charges for air freight but is not involved in the collection of foreign duties, taxes, and surcharges which must be paid separately by Customer to the relevant party before the wine is released to Customer. These charges vary widely around the world, are sometimes very expensive even exceeding the value of the wine, and are often based on complex rules. Therefore, all costs related to international shipping are estimates only and are always the responsibility of the Customer.
Please note that wine shipped internationally is not covered by Graileys shipping policy and this service is provided solely at Customer's own risk. In particular, the precise timing of deliveries (given the need to clear Customs in other countries) and the local storage conditions while awaiting Customs clearance are completely outside of Graileys control.


Graileys does not offer insurance for any of its shipments. However we do offer the option of declaring the total value of the wine through FedEx. It is an additional .09 cents per 100$ of cost of wine on top of the standard shipping rates already charged to the shipment. This will put FedEx reliable for shipments and will allow the recipient to retrieve some if not all the value of the shipment if it were to be damaged in transit in which case that will be an issue for the Purchaser to resolve with FedEx.

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