What a week! It’s been nothing short of amazing each day back to back at Grailesy! From a special birthday celebration to Leoville Poyferre vertical, then a tasting of rare bottlings of Krug and Dom Perignon to hanging out with Vernon Wells, last week was insane! But our members finished the week strong with a tremendous flight of some of the best of the best from their personal cellars through a blind tasting of You Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine: Bordeaux Varietal Edition. Each bottle was very special and the only way to judge which wine comes out on top is to go through them blind. The following are my tasting notes of these spectacular bottles as I went through the flight.

4.22.2016 Show Me Trophy

Wine #1: 1990 Leoville Barton– Graileys’ Pick-  Elegant red fruit, delicate spice, red tea, tobacco, delicate earth.


Wine #2: 1982 Trotanoy– Beautiful! More texture than the first wine- velvety. Woodsy, toasty, leather, compost, forest floor, gorgeous black and blue fruit, riper wine with a killer finish.


Wine #3: 1982 Leoville Las Cases– Elegant, silky, leather, leaves, soft tobacco, black tea, tannins will lightly gripping yet it goes down silky!


Wine #4: 1989 Lynch Bages– Riper, cigar, vibrant spice, leather, powerful fruit, black and red currant, slate and dried herbs in the finish. Long finish!


Wine #5: 1998 Shafer Hillside Select– Ripe black fruit and orange zest. Dark spice, mint, ripe eucalyptus, dark minerals, gravel, rich mocha and chocolate.


Wine #6: 2000 Margaux– Powerful body and weight! Everything is ripe and rich. The finish dips in content at first but lingers with notes of ripe leather and forest floor.


Wine #7: 2002 Vieux Chateau Certan– Tarter red and black fruit. Gripping. Leather finish.


Wine #8: 2004 Corra– Rich fruit, young leather, espresso, toast, dark chocolate, dense baking spice.

4.22.2016 Show Me

The winner of this round’s Show Me Tasting… 1982 Trotanoy!! This was wine number 2 and of the entire lineup it was the wine that blew everything out of the water by miles! Even after just nosing the flight, you could already tell that wine #2 was going to be special and once it was in the palate, there was no turning back that the ’82 Trotanoy was the winner.

4.22.2016 Show Me Lineup


2016 Spring Show Me Yours Tasting Lineup

Focus: Bordeaux Varietals

1982 Trotanoy

1990 Leoville Barton

2000 Margaux

1998 Shafer Hillside Select

1982 Leoville Las Cases

2002 Vieux Chateau Certan

1989 Lynch Bages

2004 Corra

4.22.2016 Show Me Top Three

Gold: ’82 Trotanoy. Silver: ’90 Leoville Barton. Bronze: ’00 Margaux