This last week at Graileys we had one of our favorite events every year-the Annual Dom Perignon Dinner with our good friends from Moet Hennessy with some of the rarest special bottles the Dom Perignon producers! We had a memorable four course dinner paired with the current releases from Dom Perignon as well as the newest releases of P2 Brut and Rose and a unicorn MAGNUM of P3 Rose!!! The dining table was beautiful as were all in attendance. To say that we had ourselves a Champagne Campaign at Graileys would be a understatement of epic proportions! A group of 26 drank about 40 bottles of Champagne:)

Dom P DInner 2015 1

 The caterer made a meal to remember and the Burgundy stems were perfect for the richness and amazing aromatics of the Dom Perignon Roses

Dom P Dinner 2015 2

The national Brand Ambassador from DOm Perignon walked us through the wines and the philosophy behind the extended aging P2 and P3 wines.

Dom P Dinner 2015 6

Glad I didn’t have to wash all of the glasses! Our valued members were riveted by the amazing lineup of bubbles!

Dom P Dinner 2015 4DOm P Dinner 2015 3The service was impeccable as you might imagine;)

The line-up of wines included:

2005 Dom Perignon Brut

2004 Dom Perignon Rose

1998 Dom Perignon P2 Brut

1995 Dom Perignon P2 Rose

1988 Dom Perignon P3 Rose from Magnum!!

The 2005 Dom Perignon was outstanding in a toasty, smoky, mineral driven style that reminded me of the 2003 vintage. The vintage was extremely short and this will be a relatively difficult wine to find in a few months in case you need to keep verticals going. It was awesome and killed with the duck tacos. The 2004 Dom Perignon Rose was fantastic, forward, super aromatic, creamy and loaded with strawberries, orange zest, and Bing cherries. Less dense than the 2002 but exceptionally delicious and hard not to slurp down! The 1998 Dom Perignon P2 Brut was fantastic as always and has definitely benefited from time in a bottle. Dried and glazed apricot, nectarine, peach, exotic spices, buttered toast, honey, graphite, salt, citrus blossoms and chalk oozed out of the classy wine. The P2 wines started in 1998 for the Brut and 1995 for the Rose. They are basically the second release of a great vintage with the reserve stocks that get extended agings on the lees to reach the second drinking life of Dom Perignon. They replaced what used to be called Oenotheque. Boy how I love these wines! The 1995 Dom Perignon P2 Rose was even more flamboyantly rich, round, layered and complex than the 2004 Rose. The 1995 vintage is a powerful wine that unfolds slowly and this P2 Rose bottling will drink exceptionally well for 30 more years in my opinion. This was my personal favorite wine of the night and a bottle I would buy in volume if I could afford it:) We finished with an extremely rare MAGNUM of the 1988 Dom Perignon P3 Rose. It was mature, yet combined freshness with cinnamon, cherry, forest and mushroom flavors and a well-integrated, elegant structure and supple texture. It has a lovely lingering aftertaste of baking bread and mushroom. The finish on this wine went on for a few minutes and we were told only 12 of these bottles even came into the United States!  What a treat to be able to share these great Champagnes with a valued and much cherished members! It was a night to remember and one that will not soon be forgotten for all of those who had the pleasure to attend.