By: AJ McClellan

Yesterday was a fun opportunity to taste a few wines that don’t get opened all the time. One was the Clos st Hune from Trimbach. This Riesling was drinking very well for how young it is with crisp fruit and excellent balance. The Liger Belair was another fun bottle that you don’t get to try very often.


1990 Chapoutier Cote Rotie La Mordoree – Classic Rhone with tar, leather, blackberry, smoke, and wild game nuances. This wine was in a very good drinking window with soft tannins and a very pleasant finish.

2011 Liger Belair Vosne Romanee 1er Les Chaumes – I was very impressed with this wine. 2011 is not known as the best vintage in Burgundy, especially when compared to the stunning 2010 vintage, but this bottling made me stand up and take note. The fruit was ripe and walked the tight rope of acidity and fruit perfectly each balancing each other to keep the wine in harmony. Beautiful on the finish and impressive complexities makes this wine one I will keep my eye on for the next 10 years…  If I can find any more that is.

2002 Trimbach Clos st Hune – I have always been a fan of Clos st Hune. The wine is a wonderful example of what Alsace can do with Riesling. This wine was full of lemon zest with searing acidity and surprisingly massive body. We decanted the wine for two hours before service and that was still two hours too little. A massive bottle that needs another decade in the bottle before you think of trying it again.

1979 Pichon Lalande – An old favorite of mine the 79 Pichon Lalande is unfortunately starting towards the end of its life… It is still drinking well right now with dusty red cherry and the tell tale green bell pepper but the tannins are dry and brittle and the acidity has run its course. I would drink this wine now or over the next two years…