By: AJ McClellan

A great night on Saturday. We had a few members in with a great collection of wines, each showing something different but each had a loud voice to add to the discussion of best wine of the night. All in all the 97 Leroy was simply too classy to be beat out by ant other wine but the other bottles were each simply superb.

2006 Bodega Chacra Cincuenta Y Cinco Pinot Noir – This wine is always a treat when we try it. I still feel that it resembles syrah more than pinot noir with the huge tannins (for a thin skin grape) and slightly spicy characteristics. The fruit is great showing black and red cherry with some currant and nice spice on the finish. This wine still has a ways to go but it is evolving very nicely.

1996 Dom Perignon Oenotheque – As always this wine is just fantastic. A little young at current but after being open for 30 min or so it softened up and started flaunting the minerality and yeasty notes that this wine always shows.

1997 Leroy Corton Charlemagne – I am always floored when I taste this wine. It is just wonderful! Perfect fruit balanced with stunning minerality and a long finish of limestone, citrus, and some slight floral notes. This bottle is in a excellent drinking window but I can easily see it showing well for another 5-8 years.