The team at Graileys has been searching for our next favorite everyday Bordeaux; we were looking for a wine that brought flavor, structure and balance in addition to value. Well, last week we found our answer in Chateau Fombrauge!

The oldest estate in St. Emilion, is also the largest. At almost 60 hectares, it is the exceptional surface area that gives the wine it’s unique character; numerous slopes, exposures, and soil types all lead to the style that sets Chateau Fombrauge apart. The modern age of Chateau Fombrauge is really kicked off in 1999 when Bernard Magrez (owner of Pape Clement) purchased the estate. He immediately hired the ubiquitous Michel Rolland as their winery consultant resulting in a huge ascent in quality in the vineyards and the winery. Wine is in town and comes in a very nice six pack wood case. Please let me know if I can set some aside for you.


“While there are some initial bitter chocolate extraction flavors, the main thrust of this wine shows rich plums and opulent fruitiness. It is a concentrated wine with a streak of acidity that gives it a delicious final lift. Intense aromas of blueberries, blackberries and flowers follow through to a full to medium body, tight and chewy tannins and a long and flavorful finish. Tight and linear. Pretty polish to this. “